Allowing it in
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Allowing it in

Allowing it in. How well do you do it?

It’s easy to ask for things to be different. We’re always doing it. Sometimes out loud, always internally.

More clients.

More money.

Less stress.

We’re forever sifting and sorting and experiencing the contrast that life has to offer. It creates new desires. We can’t help but ask.

The problem is we then don’t line up with what we’ve asked for.

We ask for something better then don’t let it in.

Our programming keeps us focused on what is. And while we’re focused on ‘what is’, what we want simply can’t show up.

It’s not that it’s not already present. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, which means that everything you’ll ever want is here right now.

The Law of Polarity states that everything in the universe has an equal and an opposite and it exists at the same time.

“But it’s NOT here,” I hear you say. “I can’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or touch it.”

That may be true. But chances are you can feel it – it’s just that we don’t give much sway to that.

We only ever want something because of how we believe it will make us feel.

Certain, safe, secure, happy, fulfilled, to name a few.

Success is a feeling.

A belief is only a thought that’s been repeated over time. As long as you believe you don’t already have it, it can’t appear.

Remember that thing you didn’t know existed but once you became aware of it you saw it everywhere?

It’s an uncomfortable truth about life. We make things harder than they need to be.

In three simple steps:

1.     Know what you want.

2.     Believe you already have it.

3.     Look for the evidence.

What have you asked for that you’re not allowing in?

What will become available to you when you do?