Being half-pregnant
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Being half-pregnant

It can be quite a shock to realise we’re half-pregnant. Because of course there’s no such thing. We either are or we aren’t.

When we think of something we’ve been committed to that hasn’t quite come off yet and we’re not sure why, it’s worth considering if we are in fact half-pregnant.  

Because we’d then have to ask ourselves what it would mean if we were.

If we’re honest with ourselves and look at all available evidence, one of the following will likely ring true …

We’ve got one foot in and one foot out.

We’re hedging our bets.

We’re driving with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake.

What they all represent is a level of commitment short of total. And they’re sneaky! Because they all represent effort or action of some kind so it’s not as if we’re doing nothing…!

The next powerful question? ‘What would I be doing if I wasn’t half-pregnant?’

And there we have it. The parts we haven’t fully committed to.

It can be quite confronting because it calls for us to be something more, yet also liberating because it requires us to be something more. Almost fully committed is an exhausting place to be.

With newfound clarity comes new and more powerful courses of action, and choice. To step into my brilliance or not step into my brilliance? That is the question.

One answer feels energised, the other comfortable (although not necessarily satisfying).

When something’s not going the way you want it to, a helpful mantra isn’t ‘Don’t get mad, get even’. It’s ‘Don’t get mad, get curious’.

Is there something you need to be curious about today?