How much is enough for you?
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How much is enough for you?

I have a question for you. How much is enough for you?

Two reflections I heard this morning from female business owners:

‘I feel like I’m winning but feel I need to be doing more.’

‘I’m feeling mad at myself for taking on too much. Not sure how to take on less.’

It’s a challenge many of my clients face. 

Is needing to do more or taking on too much a challenge you’re experiencing?

If so, here are two good questions to ask:

‘What am I afraid will happen if I don’t do more?’

‘What am I afraid people will say about me if I do less?’

Your answers might surprise you. They’ll definitely enlighten you.

Deep down we’ve internalised messages over the course of our lifetime – from parents, teachers, people we look up to, people whose criticisms we took on board whether we were aware of it or not.

Behaviours we’ve developed can be a way of proving those people right or a way of proving them wrong. Either way, they’re programs we’re running as a result of someone else’s worldview, not our own. Many of them we’re doing unconsciously.

The result? Running a race you never really signed up for. 

Who are you proving right or wrong, and how?

Conduct an Audit

Conduct an audit of the places in your life where you don’t feel you’re doing enough. What do you notice? What patterns do you see? How does it make you feel?

Unless you can name it, you can’t change it.

While it can be scary to let go of behaviours that have become second nature to us, it’s worth considering the toll the scourge of ‘not enough’ is taking on you, your business and the people you love.

Not enough is exhausting. Awareness is the first step to freedom.

The opposite of not enough is enough. How much is enough for you?

Enough is not all that’s available to you, but it’s a good place to start.