What are you looking outside yourself for?
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What are you looking outside yourself for?


And it did!

So here I am, with a brand-spanking-new website that I’m excited to share with you.

It’s been a real evolution since I started my business 7 years ago. So many things have happened, both in my business and my personal life from which I’ve learned so much. ‘Life lessons’ I believe they’re called.

My clients have reached heights they never expected and they’ve taught me more than they’ll ever know.

I’ve grown immensely along with them – to me that’s what life’s about. It’s why I called my business Growth to Success!

After many laps around the sun in this lifetime and observing the patterns that come up for my clients, I’ve come to this conclusion…

We need to stop looking outside of ourselves for the things we need to be giving ourselves.

  •     Trust
  •     Permission
  •     Validation
  •     Acceptance
  •     Approval
  •     Love
  •     Understanding
  •     Encouragement
  •     Respect
  •     Appreciation
  •     Kindness


The list goes on…

Instead of looking outside of ourselves for certainty, security and happiness, we create it within.

When we believe that what we want is ‘out there’, we can only ever operate from a place of insecurity and lack because we’re always under the illusion that something is missing.

It’s a challenging place to be as we never truly ‘arrive’. There’s always the next thing we’re looking for to make us feel complete.

I love helping people tap into that place where the ‘true’ them resides. And helping them create what they really want from a place of wholeness so that the journey’s as fulfilling, if not more so, than the destination.

What would you add to the list above?