The Leading Edge. Where the next version of you begins.
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The Leading Edge. Where the next version of you begins.


A relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else.

How connected are you feeling right now?

‘To what?’ I hear you ask.

To you.

We’re living in the most connected time in history, yet so many of us have never felt so disconnected – from ourselves, our wisdom, our intuition, and each other.

I’ve come to believe that in this externally focused world, we’re looking outside of ourselves for the things we need to be giving ourselves.

Permission, approval, validation, worthiness, love, acceptance, kindness, compassion. The list goes on.

The problem? In our focus on others, we’re abandoning ourselves.

Living life under the illusion that we’re somehow lacking, we seek to prove our worthiness and our value to a world that consistently reflects that lack back to us.

In itself, that’s not a problem. The problem is we believe in the illusion.

I believe it’s no coincidence that we’re experiencing ever-increasing cases of depression and anxiety as a society as a result.

Why does this matter?

Human capital.

When we disconnect from ourselves we lose our true source of power. We rob this world of the gifts we bring and more than ever this world needs our gifts.

A new way of being is seeking to emerge. We can’t simply think our way through to this new way of being, we need to connect to something bigger within ourselves.

There’s so much talk about improving productivity, yet there’s a huge amount of untapped potential in businesses and organisations everywhere – the heart and soul of their people.

It’s become clear that my mission is to bring people home to themselves, to their place of power, helping them to remove the obstacles between where they are and where they want to be so they can remember who they really are – a magnificent, powerful human being!

This is how we thrive.

It’s from here that we create a healthy society that’s able to tap into the best of us.

Who is the best of you and where do you show up?